#VibeTribe ~ Diamond Art Addiction

Follow Cherri AKA Diamond Art Addiction on You Tube to find out about these amazing Diamond Paintings. Some are limited additions and are only available while Cherri works on them as collaborations with other YouTube Creators. So you better be quick. If you follow her there might just be a special code for her subscribers to get a discount on any products in our Store!

Diamond Art Addictions Channel:


The #Vibe tribe Diamond paintings are only available in one size per design and will be available until we decide to change them! LOL!

If you Follow Jeremy JTMJ Crafts on Youtube you may also get a special code! Cherri & Jeremy often collaborate together as they are the Squirrel King & Squirrel Queen of YouTube. Sorry you just have to watch them to understand! 

Jeremys Channel:


Sorry, there are no products in this collection