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Deborah malcolm 


Deborah's art depicts landscapes, animals, people and more expressed in this unique style of art that is not commonly used in diamond paintings, but we have tested her art with great care and special charting, allowing her dot art to come to life as diamond paintings.
Deborah is also an avid diamond painter herself and personally completed one her art pieces, the Pink Dolphin, as a diamond painting and the result was amazing!
See the result below! 
Pink dolphin as a 60x60cm Round drills!

Pink Dolphin

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Anubis Art Designs - Deborah Malcolm - Bio 

Anubis Art Designs are the dot paintings from artist Debs Malcolm.
Born in the UK, Debs currently lives in Wisconsin, USA and has exhibited at several galleries in the state. Entirely self-taught, she has developed her pointillism techniques to produce intricate works full of colour and life.

Each dot is individually hand painted using a variety of dotting tools and brushes, and many hours of work goes into each piece.

Debs loves to travel and observe wildlife, and this is reflected in her artwork. She is excited to share her love of vibrant colour in these Diamond Painting and soon to be Paint by Numbers kits!

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