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Maria Abagnale is an exceptional & amazing artist and we are extremely proud to have her as part of our Licensed Artists collection.   Please read Maria's Bio below and learn about this amazing artist.

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Maria Abagnale - Italian Artist

Maria Abagnale is an Italian artist. She has been working in the comic art field for  years and she has  approached the fine art in 2015. Since she was a child, she's always loved painting but her artistic life went towards a comics art direction, leading her to a specialization in this field. After going through a serious health issue, she started questioning her life art choices and decided to start painting again. Expressing what she feels and her experiences, through fine art.

"As long as I can remember, drawing has always been a big part of me but only recently I have started putting real effort in painting. After I was diagnosed an ear tumor that turned me half-deaf, my whole world fell apart and I started feeling like a stranger in my own life. The effort that I have to make everyday in order to understand what people are saying and what is happening around me, combined with vertigos and white noises, makes me feel like I am living underwater. For this reason, most of my works show an underwater colourful world, where I can live and breath way more easily than the real world.  This is what painting gives me, a huge range of colours that helps me explaining all the emotions I have been locking inside myself for ages. It gives me the right balance which makes me feel unique more that different."

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