Poured Glue is now available!

Poured Glue is now available!

YOU CAN NOW CHOOSE between POURED GLUE or MOUNTING FILM ADHESIVE for your diamond painting canvas!  

To choose between them, please use the drop down field under  "Size" and "Diamond shape" and choose your preferred glue!

Please Note: Both glues are applied in the same Diamond Painting factory so there is no change in the quality of the canvas or drills, it is just the glue that is changed!. The poured glue also cost NO EXTRA than the mounting film adhesive!

Why does the glue that sticks your diamonds to the canvas really matter?? 

We have always prided ourselves on using the strongest adhesive available for our  diamond paintings called Mounting Film Adhesive, so your Diamonds never fall off the canvas for years to come. However, there has been a strong demand for us to offer the option of the traditional Poured Glue method as well, so we have listened to our customers and now offer BOTH types of glue for every full coverage Diamond painting that we offer!

Please read below the difference between the 2 glues and which one suits you! 

    1. Mounting film adhesive - This is our regular extra strong glue & is great for medium to advanced diamond painters. When the drills are first placed they are harder to adjust into position as the glue is quite strong, but with tweezers they can be lifted and repositioned easily. The canvas is covered with a thick clear cover.

    2. Poured Glue  - traditionally used on most diamond painting canvases and is more forgiving, allowing you to move or "slide" the drills into position easier without using tweezers. Great for beginners or lovers of poured glue. The canvas is covered with a thin clear cover.

Now you ask.... Why in the world haven't you introduced it before now??

Well....., We have always believed that poured glue is the inferior glue to our Mounting Film adhesive and initially decided not to introduce it as we felt using an inferior glue for our product would go against our values for keeping the standards high for our diamond paintings. We have had various Poured glue samples in the studio for 4 years and they have definitely not faired the test of time. The glue on the canvas has yellowed considerably, went hard and brittle and the cover has now stuck to it making it hard to remove. This told us that the glue is not acid free, meaning it will not last in storage for more than 1 year, not last after you have placed diamonds on it and have hung it on the wall etc.  To us, this was not an ideal glue to use on our product.

However, there has been such a demand from our customers to offer  the poured glue method for our diamond paintings for many reasons such as it's "forgiveness" of creases in the canvas; it is easier to move drills on the canvas after you have placed them and it has a thinner cover that is easier to handle. The reason we gave in to offer this glue is that we now believe that the glue has improved in quality over the past 4 years and is now ready to be used again by Treasure Studios Art! So let's Celebrate the release of Poured Glue!!!


Thanks for your support!

Rachel Treasure
Owner/Digital Artist