Terms & Conditions for Custom Creation Diamond Paintings

"Welcome to the art of Custom Diamond Paintings, where we help you create the most BEAUTIFUL personal diamond paintings!"

Below we have our TERMS & CONDITIONS for our Custom Creations  to help guide you. 

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TERMS & CONDITIONS - Custom Diamond paintings – please Read before ordering (This information is in addition to what is stated on each package)

  • Art created for use as a Diamond painting only: We do not create art, designs or logos unless it will be turned into a Diamond painting as the result. If you would like your art piece to be printed as an original art piece or supplied as a digital file, please contact us to discuss this option further.
  • On sell of a Design: We reserve the right to use a design or art we have created from scratch for you (does not include personal photos or montages) for future sale on our website as a Signature diamond painting where we see fit. The art we create for you does not “belong” to you or is not exclusive to you only. As the artist, we still hold the copyright for all pieces created from scratch. If it is more of a “personal piece” to you and is not suitable for a general sale on our website, then we will of course not on sell it due to privacy reasons etc. We will first discuss this with you before we present the art piece on our website for sale. If you are a YouTube creator, influencer or similar we will put your name as a credit reference to the piece and promote your channel/social media also. E.g. “This piece was created especially for the Cool Diamond Painting Channel – please check out her socials and the unboxing video of this art piece!”. We will try our best to be as fair as possible to everyone in this scenario.

  • Design Ideas: We have the right to refuse a design idea if it has unrealistic expectations or it does not align with our morals, for example, we will not design any “dark” art such as black magic or witch related designs.

  • Skin tones, faces & people: Skin tones of the human skin, of any color, is hard to match exactly using the DMC diamond color range that is used for diamond paintings. Due to the non-perfect outcome of skin tones as diamond paintings and hence sometimes resulting in disappointment to the customer, we do not recommend submitting photos of people’s faces for a custom. If you do, it is at your own risk, however, we do understand that family, friends and loved ones photos are favourites to have made into a diamond paintings, so we will do our best to create the best skin tone graduation possible with the limited colors available.
  • Processing time & production:We have given rough timelines for each package to which we expect to supply proofs and finished products to you by, but we reserve the right to extend that time depending on the workload we have at the time or if we need to compensate for any factory errors or world events that may occur that may interrupt these timelines. If the timeline is expected to stretch out much further than we expected it to , we will keep you up to date via email where we can. We would appreciate your patience during these times. In attempt to prevent overloading of custom work, we will only release a certain number of customs at a time, then once those ones are completed, we will release another set of customs. Each release will be broadcasted via email or social media channels.