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We are so excited to have Eloise Schneider Mote AKA EloiseART as one of our licenced artist! 
We hope you enjoy the variety of art she offers, from landscapes, quirky pets, Christian art to American Sign language Art! 

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About the Artist...

The work of Eloise Schneider Mote includes paintings, photography, prints, giclees, and canvas prints that have the classic beauty and style of antiques. Her work has been adopted by designers from Wayfair and Hayneedle and she is represented by the Louis Leonard Gallery in Maryland. Eloise's impressionist paintings and prints on canvas include landscapes from the Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, and Alabama countryside. She also paints on old wood, combining history with art, as she incorporates antique jewelry, tools, hats, musical instruments or frames into her creations. Eloise has been featured in Lee Magazine and Sunshine Artist Magazine as well as in newspapers and on television and has won numerous awards.

Eloise accepts commissions where she designs original art paintings to accommodate family pieces (Grandpa's old watch, for example) into memory paintings. She also accepts landscape commissions where she creates a painting from photographs of the land or home place. One of her favorite commissions was the painting of a family's old home place on a piece of wood that actually came from the house.

An educator herself, Eloise was one of the illustrators for the I Can Say That book, winner of the Early Language Literacy Award. Eloise illustrated the book Jesus is Born, written by Brenda O'Quinn and published by Synerge Books, found at http://www.synergebooks.com/ebook_jesusisborn.html .

Eloise also paints fine art pieces that encompass gorgeous landscapes, flowers, cotton fields, floral arrangements, and other delicate and detailed works. Her playful side lends a hand in her creation of fun art - abstract dogs, striped cats, fat pigs, big lipped fish, and curious cows. Eloise Schneider's art includes images of Puerto Rico, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Mexico - down by the water, in a village, or near a field in the sunlight of the dawn. She enjoys painting boats and beaches, trees and forests, and the beautiful landscapes of the United States.

Faith is important to Eloise as an artist and she develops that belief system into many of her paintings: three crosses at Calvary, the cross on Pensacola Beach that overlooks the bay, children in the hands of God, the birth of Jesus Christ, and others.

Perhaps the most unusual of Eloise Schneider's artwork are her watercolor renditions of American Sign Language. As a teacher of the deaf and other children with special needs, Eloise has a heart for the art that reflects her love for those children. Her painting of the ASL 'I Love You' sign is bright and bold, a wonderful piece for a hearing or deaf person to enjoy. The world is grand and love can be too. Eloise's work is just that: full of love and life.

You will find her work available on Fine Art America as originals, giclee prints, framed prints, canvas prints, throw pillows, greeting cards, bags, phone covers, and more.

Eloise and her husband Steve also make lovely jewelry. Check it out here: https://www.eloiseartpresentscardinalsandhearts.com/store


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