Delivery Delays due to COVID-19 & Other Crisis

Important Information on how the COVID-19 is affecting Treasure Studios Art Shipping & Production!

*****UPDATED 25th JUNE 2020 ******

Production times have slowed again in China due to another outbreak, but our factory is still producing Diamond paintings but with reduced staff - hence the delays.

PRODUCTION of Diamond paintings MAY TAKE UP TO 4 - 6 WEEKS before your order is shipped!  Please be patient with us during this time.

Please read the following information relating to your countries Shipping delays:


Security is very tight in every country and all packages are being checked very carefully. Many packages are being sent back to being slightly oversized or overweight, even if it is by 2mm or 100g. Customs have a a huge backlog in all countries and delivery is very slow.

If you find your parcel says returned to sender - do not worry as it will be sent to you again once security is dealt with. 


United States of America - All states:

Regular delivery time should be 12-20 days in normal times  but the delivery time is delayed mostly with USPS, however delivery times have reduced since my last update 20 days ago. Parcels are arriving much quicker now than they were before

Political relations between China and the United States are still tense and Parcels are still being checked intensely and take a longer time to go though US customs.

3.  Recently, there have been other issues in the United States, which has greatly affected the transportation of goods. Most parcels that arrive at Los Angeles and New York airport now have to transfer out to other cities which causes extra delays, however this situation is now easing.

Tracking information

If your order has been shipped by USPS (tracking number starts with the no. 9) Your order WILL NOT show any tracking information prior to hitting USA Shores. You will see information on the  USPS website saying it has received your tracking LABEL information but this does not mean it has arrived in the USA. The date that shows on the website is the date the label was created whixh is NOT the date your parcel was shipped.  The info on the site will read similar to this:

"CRANBURY, NJ 08512, Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item -> A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 7:37 am on May 18, 2020 in CRANBURY, NJ 08512. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.

Please note the last line of the information provided by USPS - this means it has not received your parcel yet.

It may take up to 4 weeks for your parcel to show ANY movement int he USA once it leaves China (not from  the LABEL CREATED date)


Flights to Canada are still reduced. Canada Post still needs to deal with the backorders and  the processing and delivery will be delayed. For subsequent orders in Canada, the delivery time is expected to be around 25-45 days or even longer, depending on the air position and the current clearance speed of Canada.

Tracking information
Please note that tracking is very restricted to Canada and NO TRACKING may even show until it hits Canada shores - this may take 40 days for this to happen.


Australia Post is extremely behind on processing of any parcels at the moment. Please read the USA tracking information above as Australia Post is reacting very much the same. NO tracking information will show until it hits Aussie shores and it could take up to 40 days until this happens. It will be accepted by Australia post much like USPS abut will not show tracking until it moves within the Australian parcel network.

Please be patient for tracking to show on the Australia Post website - also please ready their current policy on International incoming mail


Shipping is easing in your areas, but tracking is till unpredictable and the same policy applies to your tracking as it does to the USA. However you may get more luck with tracking than the rest of us at the moment!



Shipping Prices have recently been reduced so we are getting closer to normal shipping prices. 

Treasure Studios Art still have to charge $9.50USD flat shipping rate for all orders - big or small!  (Australia is about $14.50 & Canada is about $13)

This is only a TEMPORARY increase as we will continue to offer free shipping after the shipping rates go back to normal! Thanks for understanding!



We still have a huge amount of orders to get through and our factory is still working day & night to work through it all. They are troopers and we should be thankful for them!

Once orders are shipped you will receive a tracking link as per usual. Please DO NOT ask where your order is as we have many orders that are in the same situation. Your order will be shipped as soon as it is possible. As mentioned above it could be a wait of 4-6 weeks until your order is shipped

Also please take note that the tracking info is all over the place at the moment. When tracking does appear you may notice that it goes from one place to another and then it is in transit to your destination and out for delivery, but then it goes to another place instead. Don't be alarmed with this as it is happening all the time as the information is being updated out of order etc. Nobody can really explain why it is happening but it is frustrating to us all , please be patient as it will get there eventually!

If you have issues with tracking - Please don't be alarmed as there are issues across all countries.

Thanks again for your ongoing patience!

Kind Regards

Rachel Treasure



How is Treasure Studios Art taking health precautions during the coronavirus affect?

Treasure Studios Art sources all of their products from China, the Diamond paintings are made to order at a specialised factory and then sent to a fulfilment centre in China for checking and packing before they are shipped to the customer.  However our factory & fulfilment centre are taking all the necessary health precautions to prevent any infection to your parcel.

Is there a  risk that the parcels coming from China to the rest of the world, will cause the transmission of the coronavirus?

No, the postal parcels can only be contaminated by direct contact and friction between a sick person and the parcel for 2-3 days.The virus cannot live under external conditions (outside of living objects) for more than 2 days at best and then is destroyed by environmental factors like suns rays & heat etc. Therefore, parcels will NOT pose a threat to our customers, because they will take 2-3 weeks to arrive to its destination

Please continue to shop and purchase from us, so we can continue to trade and support our customers. 

Thanks again for your patience & we we will do our best to keep you updated 

Kind Regards
Rachel Treasure

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