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PLEASE READ:  Important Information on how the Corona virus is affecting China & Treasure Studios Art

*********UPDATED 11th MARCH ******

Orders are processing slowly due to a months worth of backlogged orders BUT shipping is back to normal! There is still a huge amount of orders to get through but our factory is working day & night to work through it all.

Once orders are shipped you will receive a tracking link as per usual. Please don't ask where your order is as we have many orders that are in the same situation. Your order will be shipped as soon as it is possible.

Again thanks you for your patience during this time!


Please read the following details to help you understand how The CoronaVirus will affect the processing of Orders in the coming weeks. 

Many companies and factories that Treasure Studios art utilise may have to put off the starting date of normal operation from the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday due to the accelerating spread of Wuhan Coronavirus.

On January 23, Wuhan, central Chinese city and surrounding cities such as Ezhou, Xiantao, Qianjiang, Huanggang and Jingmen have successively announced the suspension of urban bus, subway, ferry, and long-distance transportation, and temporarily closed airports and trains stations, highways, and other exit corridors to prevent the spread of new coronavirus in Wuhan. Influenced by this and continuous spread of Wuhan Coronavirus, transportations all around the country are shut down partially or completely which causes almost all workers and employees unable to get back to the factories and companies they work at and resume normal operation.

It is reported that the State Council encouraged to extend the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday which is the best period to prevent the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus.

How does this coronavirus affect Treasure Studios Art?

Treasure Studios Art sources all of their products from China, the Diamond paintings are made to order at a specialised factory and then sent to a fulfilment centre in China for checking and packing before they are shipped to the customer.
1. Factories will not be able to produce products at the expected date. Caused by the new Wuhan Coronavirus, the majority of workers will not be able to come back to suppliers’ factories to start producing. The previous holiday plan allows workers to stay at home until February. According to the current situation, the return date of workers may be delayed.

2. Products cannot be transported by logistics companies. Only medical stuff can be normally transported in such a situation that logistics staff are on holiday and cities’ transportation is blocked. Without logistics companies, parcels are not able to be shipped out and to their destination even if suppliers and our warehouses have product stocks.

Is there a  risk that the parcels coming from China to the rest of the world, will cause the transmission of the coronavirus?

No, the postal parcels can only be contaminated by direct contact and friction between a sick person and the parcel for only a few hours.The virus cannot live under external conditions (outside of living objects) for more than a few hours at best and then is destroyed by environmental factors like suns rays & heat etc. Therefore, parcels will NOT pose a threat to our customers, because they will take more than a week to arrive.

Please continue to shop and purchase from us, so we can continue to trade and support our customers. 

Thanks again for your patience & we we will do our best to keep you updated 

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