Our A.I. Art Policy

We have a STRICT policy on A.I. Art

"Our Aim here at Treasure Studios Art is not to let A.I Art take over and put traditional artists out of a job! There is of course a place for A.I Art in the diamond painting world but we will not let it take over completely! So we are limiting the use of A.I. Art on our website."

Below we have compiled a set of FAQ that you may have on how we use A.I Art in our business.

***Firstly if you don't know what A.I. Art is, please read on?
A.I. stands for Artificial Intelligence. 

Here is the Wikipedia explanation.
Artificial intelligence art is any artwork, particularly images and musical compositions, created through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) programs, such as text-to-image models and musical generators. It is sometimes confused with digital art.[1] While both AI art and digital art involve the use of technology, AI art is characterized by its use of generative algorithms and deep learning techniques that can autonomously produce art without direct input from human artists.


A.I Art and Treasure Studios Art

Q: Do you use A.I. Art for your Diamond Paintings & Paint by numbers?

A: Yes we do, but ONLY in our Signature Design range and for Custom creation designs. 

Q: Do you hire or licence A.I Artists?

A: No. All our licenced artists are either traditional or digital artists (not AI). If they do use A.I Art it is only for reference use, such as getting an idea for a painting, but it is not the core design of their art.

Q: Who creates the A.I Art then for your Signature Design range?

A: Rachel, the owner and founder of Treasure Studios Art is a Graphic/Digital artist and creates the Signature range of Artwork which you will find HERE.  Some of these pieces in this collection are created using A.I Art generators but Rachel will also finish them off using her own creative touch. Rachel will mix traditional digital art and A.I. Art generated images together to create the final piece. 

Q: Why does Rachel use A.I. art and not just create her own digital art instead?

A: Rachel runs her small business tirelessly and still loves to create. She was finding it hard to put time aside to create her own art to present as Diamond paintings and was very frustrated with this. When she discovered the A.I. Art generators back in 2022 she was very excited as this allowed her to become creative again..faster! She was able to create suitable artwork much faster and with more precision. She loves sitting on her couch at night with her iPad creating text generated A.I. Art then recreating it with her own touch using her Apple pen and the Procreate app afterwards to finish off the masterpiece.

Q: Wont the A.I. Art in the Signature design range compete with the licenced artists on the site already? Then being a conflict of interest?

A: No. Rachel makes sure she does not release or create anything that clashes or competes with her artists artwork. She values her artists and their amazing talents and it is very important to her that traditional artists are kept at the forefront of the art world in general and also the Diamond painting world.

Q: Do you use A.I. art for a custom diamond painting?

A: Yes. If you request a specialised art piece, or a different background for your custom (see Basic Plus, Premium & Master custom creation packages) We may use A.I. Art to generate some of the components of the custom. This gives us a large scope of ideas and can also speed up the process as well.

Q: Can I send you an A.I Art piece I have created for a Custom Diamond painting?

A: Yes you can, but not as a Basic or Basic Plus package. Reason being is that most A.I. Art generated images need to be touched up afterwards. Sometimes there is a lot of work to be down to it still to make is "Diamond painting ready".
We will assess your artwork when you purchase and if you need to change packages we will contact you and talk to you about this further.


We hope that all your questions have been answered in regards to this current but important subject.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us on info@treasurestudiosart.com