HOW to ORDER a Custom Creation Diamond Painting

"Welcome to the art of Custom Diamond Paintings, where we help you create the most BEAUTIFUL personal diamond paintings!"

Below are the 9 steps on How to order your Custom Creations to help guide you through the process.

TO READ more details about each custom creation packages for diamond paintings CLICK HERE.


9 EASY STEPS to ordering your custom

Please follow the steps below on how to order your custom diamond painting. It includes any FAQ you may have also. LOOK out for "HOT TIPS" as these are valuable tips that we provide so you get the best out of your custom diamond painting.

STEP 1 - Choose your package

Choose one of the 5 Custom Creation Packages (Basic, Basic Plus+, Premium, Ultimate or Master) that best suits your needs by reading through the information supplied for each package thoroughly before purchasing. 

Find all this info on the Custom Creation info page by CLICKING HERE OR go to each package individually from the collection page by CLICKING HERE  

STEP 2 - Choose the best image you have  (Basic, Basic Plus+ & Premium packages)
OR CHOOSE the Best idea you have  (Ultimate or Master packages)

Make sure the photo you have chosen is the highest quality version you have, please avoid editing or cropping it on your phone as every time you do this, the quality degrades.  It is best that you supply us with the original image with NO filters!

HOT TIP : When you zoom up on your photo and it is heavily pixelated or blurry, then it is most probably not suitable to use, it should be fairly clear close up as well as at normal magnification. If you are unsure if your photo is good enough quality to use then just upload it anyway and we will assess for you.

STEP 3 - Choose your size range

Choose a size range that suits your photo (or photos) - please see the tab above (or the custom Creations info page) on "Size Ranges" and how to choose one.

HOT TIP : The final result of your custom heavily relies on the size you have chosen as there are many factors to consider before you choose a size.  This main rule applies – the bigger the photo, the better the result as a diamond painting.

STEP 4 - Choose your diamond shape

Select the diamond shape that BEST suits your custom diamond painting from the drop down menu above:
Choices are:

  • 2.7mm regular round diamonds
  • 2.7mm regular round diamonds WITH 2-4 AB's (Aurora Borealis diamonds)
  • 2.5mm regular square diamonds
  • 2.5mm regular square diamonds  WITH 2-4 AB's (Aurora Borealis diamonds)
  • 2.7mm round crystal rhinestones
  • 2.5mm square crystal rhinestones

HOT TIP: Only choose Crystal Rhinestones for colorful images, such as flowers or patterns, DO NOT use them for subjects such as people portraits or pets. Crystals have limited color range and do not give the best detail.
If you only want "accent" diamonds please choose the regular round or squares with AB's as this will highlight some of the more colorful areas instead of the entire image like crystals. 

STEP 5 - Fill out the online form

Fill out the information form with as much detail as you can, as this is the best way for us to get insight on what end result you are looking for.

HOT TIP: With Premium, Ultimate & Master creation packages, we recommend you supply as MUCH info you can think of! The more information the better, so then we are not guessing what is on your mind. Let your imagination run wild if you need to. If there is not enough room to write what you need please email us with your information and order number to 

STEP 6- Check your details & Read Terms & conditions

Please check all of your details to make sure they are correct and completed.
Please read our Custom terms & conditions by CLICKING HERE . These are simple conditions we need to tell you before you order your custom. you must agree to them on the custom form before submitting your order. 

HOT TIP: The Link is also on the form when you fill it out and also in the menus

STEP 7 - Uploading your image

To upload, click the Upload tab or drag and drop your image onto it (computers only) and ensure you have the image/s you want have uploaded correctly. Your images should show up on the page to indicate this.

If you have difficulty uploading an image please make sure it is the correct file type. We only accept Tiff, Jpeg, Jpg, Png, PDF, Ai & EPS files.

When we receive your photo/s and we think that the quality is not "up to scratch" to be transformed into a diamond painting we will contact you and discuss it with you further. We will either work with you to find a better image or refund you the full amount if the quality criteria cannot be met. If you decide to go against our recommendations on which image to use, we will not be responsible for the result of the diamond painting. We also have the right to refuse an order if the quality of the image is not up to standard. 

Please ensure all the information on the form is complete so production is smooth sailing and our designers can create a spectacular piece for you with ease!

Then simply click "Add to Cart" and Your images along with your form will be sent to us for action, then simply  follow through to checkout like a normal purchase.


STEP 8 - Photo assessment

Within approximately 48 hours of receiving your payment, we will assess your image/s for quality and usability for a diamond painting and if there are any issues, as mentioned in STEP 7, we will contact you to discuss it further with you. If your image is not suitable, we will work with you to help you choose a more suitable image. 

STEP 9 - Proof, production & shipping 

Once we have completed assessment we will start creating with your image/s (or vision/idea).

Once created, we will email you a proof before it is sent to production (in the BASIC package it will be sent with your Render proof only). Once you have approved the proof, we will put your order inline for production.
Next a picture effect rendering as a Diamond painting will be supplied for every order to ensure satisfaction prior to production, so please keep an eye out for this in your inbox (please check Junk mail) This usually takes  4 - 7 days to produce depending on the current production load.
A rendering will not be supplied before you order your custom diamond painting.

Depending on the quantity of orders we have at the time, your order should be produced within 2-4 weeks from the date of rendering approval. (This can vary during different situations and times of the year)

Once your order is shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number and link. 

Thanks for choosing Treasure Studios Art for your Custom Creation Diamond painting - You will not be disappointed. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!