Howard Robinson Artist

Treasure Studios Art are proud to be the licensee of the amazing illustrations by Howard Robinson for our Diamond Painting Kits.

He is an amazing Artist and we feel privileged to be able to showcase his colorful artworks as Diamond paintings.

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Born in the north east of England in 1959 Howard graduated with a BA with honours in 1980 and returned to his native county of Durham mainly to enjoy the open countryside with his two children.

Howard enjoys all forms of wildlife, although his main interest is in birds. He has studied and bred many rare species and in 2008 was invited to Brisbane as guest speaker at the International Finch Convention, an honour which he repeated in 2014.

Howard's bright and colourful images of the natural world can be found on 100's of products worldwide. Described as the artistic master of adorable animals, both wild and tame that brim with personality, the kind that makes a person smile.


The words of Howard Robinson...

“After many years of hard work and study I seem to be living the dream at the moment. From childhood I have always been fascinated by nature and this has become the main feature of my art and so I am never short of inspiration as work and hobbies have just become 
one and the same.

Having been successful in breeding many rare birds I now get invited to give presentations as far a field as Africa and Australia and where I am then able to explore the wilds with the worlds experts. I visit so many amazing places I often have to pinch myself and so bursting with inspiration and reference I return home to paint my images. These images are frequently licensed by Zoo’s and Aquariums and so I then get to visit ‘behind the scene for hands on experience with even more fascinating species.

Inspiration is all around me even as I work, at the end of my studio I have a glass wall enclosing my own piece of rainforest complete with waterfall and tropical plants in which poison dart frogs live and breed.

I really do work far too hard but if I was to retire today what would I do?,
exactly what I am doing now.”

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Please enjoy & respect Howards art through our Diamond Painting Kits!