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We are so excited to have landscape artist Campbell Frost as one of our licenced artist! 

Campbell's landscape art is a true reflection of nature's beauty. Campbell captures the essence of the natural world and brings it to life through his stunning works of art. His masterpieces are characterized by their vivid colors, intricate details, and impeccable composition. Each piece is a celebration of the Gods creations, from majestic mountains and tranquil lakes to lush forests and vibrant sunsets.

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About the Artist...

Though his first published work of art, a pencil sketch, appeared in the famous Ripley’s Believe it or Not newspaper column in the late 1950s, relatively few people have seen a Campbell Frost painting until recently.
Though Campbell has, primarily through the auspices of the South Carolina Arts Commission, been teaching others to paint for over four decades, he has rarely shared his own work with the public. That changed in late 2021, when his website went online.
Having spent eight decades on this planet, most of them in his native South Carolina, Campbell Frost continues to enjoy capturing nature’s beauty and the aging manmade structures of his childhood on canvas. He still teaches at least three classes a week, each in a different town, as well. Some of his dedicated students, themselves now accomplished artists, have undergone his tutelage for his entire 40-plus years of teaching.
Capturing memories on canvas is as much a part of Campbell’s creative impetus as is rendering images. A Campbell Frost painting is a window in time.

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