Our Story

G'day from Australia!

"Treasure Studios Art prides themselves on providing No. 1 customer service and quality Diamond paintings and art related products!"

Treasure Studios Art is based in Australia but we ship worldwide. We seek out and source the best possible products from the best factories around the world.
Our Diamond Paintings are all made to order to ensure that each one is handcrafted with care and not mass produced which can create issues. Our products are evolving all the time as we listen to our customers needs and improve where we can when we can.

We are also artists and create our own exclusive designs that are not available in any other store! Checkout the Signature design range of Diamond paintings we have available.

How Treasure Studios Art Began!

Founder & Owner Rachel Treasure lives in a small farming community called Wuk Wuk in Victoria Australia, 3 hours out of Melbourne, Australia.

Rachel has over 25 years graphic design & business leadership experience and loves anything Art & Design. This website gives her the outlet to share her passion with everyone around the world.  

Rachel first came across diamond painting back in 2017 when she was looking for a new and exciting art or craft medium to work with. She was looking for something that would benefit others in the form of a type of art therapy, something that was soothing to the soul and calms the mind. 

After discovering and trying diamond painting for the first time, Rachel experienced the uniqueness and benefits of this craft herself and then decided she wanted to lend her art & design expertise to it somehow. She wanted to help others through this craft and by trial and error found that her design skills could be used in offering custom diamond paintings. The idea was that customers could turn their own ideas and/or their own photos into a personal masterpiece. Rachel would design this for them and create something exciting that they can then complete as a diamond painting and also hang on their wall in pride. 

Custom Diamond paintings was the main goal of her business, but she also wanted to give other artists around the world the chance to showcase their amazing art using this platform. Rachel only uses Licenced artwork for her other diamond paintings that are available OR she creates her own art ...when she has time!... In which is presented as Signature Diamond paintings in her collections. All artists receive a commission from every sale that is made with their art! So everytime you purchase you are also helping support an artist!

Many artists Rachel has licenced over the years were little known around the world and she has proudly presented them to her wideworld audience so everyone can appreciate their art. Customers can enjoy their favourite artists work not only as a canvas on the wall, but they can also participate in the recreation of their art through diamond painting. It's quite a unique experience for both the customer and the artist. 

Rachel also prides herself on having Christian based morals and strives to treat her customers with the utmost respect. Her aim is to spread joy, happiness & peace to everyone she meets, where possible. She also has a strong stand against presenting/selling any "Dark Art" on her website! Hence the slogan for her business “Creating Peace Through Art”.

Her motto is... (which you will find on every email)
"Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return and you will never be disappointed" 💗  

Our Products

In our collection we provide:
  • Diamond Painting DIY Kits (Licensed, signatures and Customs)
  • Paint by Number DIY Kits (coming in 2023)
  • Washi tape & accessories
  • Art & journal accessories


We are also building up a collection of new products to be presented in 2023, that we know you are going to love !! 

We can create whatever artwork you like as well as supplying everyone with the traditional favourite designs and art subjects.
If there is anything you want us to add to our collection please feel free to email us on info@treasurestudiosart.com and we will do our best to help you.


Thanks again for your support!

Rachel Treasure
Founder & Digital Artist
Treasure Studios Art
“Creating Peace Through Art”