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We are so excited to add these creation inspired pieces by artist Zeb Hall  
His artwork is a mastery of the word!

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About the Artist...

My relationship with God is extremely important to me. I am rock solid in
my faith. I attend Calvary Chapel and am a huge Chuck Missler fan. God has
brought me through so much, and I know everything has been for my good. It
took a woman who is very special to truly capture my heart, and she did it
very quickly! Her name is Dulari and we now live in

I know this is where I should list all of my credentials, a Ph.D. or two,
and so forth, but I am a very simple man, and self-taught, simply seeking
to take my art to the next level. Mainly I am here to share my artwork, and
I love creative people, and viewing their work as well.


Thanks for reading about this amazing Artist!!
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