Why Choose Our Kits?

Welcome to the Art of Diamond Painting!

You've just found the place where you can kick off your shoes, put your feet up, relax and enjoy some Diamond Art Therapy! 💎


Here at Treasure Studios Art we know how important it is for you to relax & enjoy this Art Therapy, so we do our very best to make our diamond painting kits top quality for you to enjoy. If you have ANY issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

All our Artist Diamond painting kits are MADE TO ORDER, so they are fresh of the factory Line and not a stale painting that has been sitting in the warehouse waiting to be purchased! Each Painting is hand crafted when you order it and can take up to 2- 3 weeks to be created especially for you! 


WE ONLY OFFER PREMIUM POURED GLUE for your diamond painting canvas!  

Why does the glue that sticks your diamonds to the canvas really matter?? 

We have always prided ourselves on using the strongest adhesive available for our diamond paintings called Mounting Film Adhesive, however, there has been a strong demand for us to offer the option of the traditional "Poured Glue" method, because it is more user friendly,  so we have listened to our customers and now only offer the traditional Poured Glue for every full coverage Diamond painting that we offer.

Poured Glue is traditionally used on most diamond painting canvases and is more forgiving, allowing you to move or "slide" the drills into position easier without using tweezers. Great for beginners or lovers of poured glue. The canvas is covered with a thin clear cover.


    You have the privilege to work with a high grade definition printed Short Lint canvas with easy to read crystal clear symbols. The colors are vibrant and easy to work with. There is nothing worse than squinting to see what each symbol is - even with your glasses on!!

    • This Kit has a full pasting area of drills/diamonds (not partial)
    • Please refer to size selector in the product description for all sizes available for that particular painting - there is usually between 2 & 4 sizes available. 
    • If you are looking for a smaller size (eg 20x20cm) and it is not listed, this means that this particular image is not suitable for a small size. It contains a lot of detail and the effect will not be clear enough in a small size canvas
    • TIP! The largest size is always going to give you the best result and detail in any painting. The smallest size available will always give you the less detail. Features such as eyes and faces will not be as clear as a larger painting. 


    • With all kits you can choose between either square or round diamonds and in some cases, square & round crystal rhinestones which will be an option if it suits the painting. We also offer AB special drills on some paintings
    • The shape of the diamond/drill will be displayed in the selector next to the sizes available, so please make sure you choose the shape you prefer or the default shape of square drill will be applied automatically.
    • All canvas sizes are in CM and represent the size of the actual painting and not the canvas size. The canvas has an extra 2-3cm on each side around the picture making the actual size of the canvas and extra 6cm longer and wider than the picture size stated

    See the tab above for current  info on Shipping and production times


      Each Kit Includes the following, packed in Box or a Tube:

      • 1 x High Definition Canvas with printed Licensed Art design with clear symbols & color reference codes on the side. The glue is laid over the surface with a clear cover sheet to protect it.
      • 1 x Sticker inventory sheet with color List, Diamond quantities & numbering system
      • 100% Resin square diamonds or acrylic round diamonds in clearly marked snap lock bags (baggies)
      • 30% extra diamonds
      • 1 x Pink Tool Kit with the necessary tools to complete your diamond painting (please note the tool kit may vary at times due to availability of products)
      • TSA Diamond Disaster Relief. (If you drop'em, we'll replace'em for FREE)

      THE TOOL KIT .... comes in a cute pink organza bag

      The tool kit may vary at times due to availability of products at the time

      • 1 x Drill Pen with finger rest grip (AKA squishy)
      • 3 drill placer attachment
      • 6 drill placer attachment
      • 9 drill placer attachment
      • 2 x Glue gum pads
      • 1 x Plastic drill sorting plate 
      • 1 x Pink Tweezers (if available) 

        Please note: 
        1. No frames are included & t
        his is an unfinished DIY Diamond Painting Kit and you need to complete it and make it your own!

        2. The Special Shaped partial Diamond painting kits offered may come with slightly different contents according to the kit chosen

        3. Instructions are on each product page of this website if you get lost or on the side of the box of each Kit when you receive it.


        We have been in business since 2001 and we stand by our products and pride ourselves in our customer service.

        If you are not happy with any product you receive from us we will work with you to find a solution that suits us all whether it's a refund, replacement product or a gift voucher, we will do our best to help you achieve a positive outcome! If one of our products are not up to scratch we want to hear from you so we can continue to keep the quality at a high & premium level!


        Our kits are double & triple checked before they leave the factory, but If you are missing any diamonds at anytime - please contact us by emailing support@treasurestudiosart.com  with your order number and name and we will send you the missing ones for free.


        Everyone has had one of those moments when you become speechless or you scream out obscenities because the unthinkable just happened!

        YEP! The cat ran across the table spilling all your diamonds & canvas onto the floor then the dog ran all over it spreading his fur over the exposed sticky parts of the canvas and mixed the diamonds up even more ! What A Disaster!!

        This is where Treasure Studios Art comes to the Rescue!

        If this ever happens to you with a diamond painting we have supplied you - please feel free to contact us by email at support@treasurestudiosart.com with your order number, name and a photo of the disaster and we will kindly send you the replacement diamonds or a whole new kit if needed for FREE to compensate you! 

        We want our customers to be happy and enjoy this amazing art so why not help out where we can!

          We Only Believe in the Best Quality!

          Treasure Studios Art are passionate about Art & Design and only offer the best quality products.

          We actually use our own products not just sell them! And we wouldn't use products that don't live up to our standards and our standards are high!

          Happy Diamond Painting!

          If you have any questions about our Diamond Painting Kits please don't hesitate to contact us via Email on support@treasurestudiosart.com or message us on Messenger Live Chat!

          Rachel Treasure

          Treasure Studios Art!