Why Choose Our Kits?

Welcome to the Art of Diamond Painting!

You've just found the place where you can kick off your shoes, put your feet up, relax and enjoy some Diamond Art Therapy! 💎

Here at Treasure Studios Art we know how important it is for you to relax & enjoy this art.
So, we try our very best to produce the best Diamond Painting kits to give you the best experience possible!

I am sure you have bought kits from many different companies and we all compare them to each other, so I hope you can rate ours close to the top!

Our Diamond Painting Art kits are top quality and we stand by our product.

Experience Our Premium Diamond Painting Kits!

💖  Our diamond paintings are made to order and are not an off the shelf product like most Diamond Painting companies. This way we can offer you more designs and more sizes for you to choose from. Everything is made fresh to order, so you are not getting a dusty painting that may have been sitting there for for months!
💖  Our drills/diamonds:  We do our best to get the best diamonds available and they already come in snap lock baggies, which means they are already kitted up and ready to start diamond painting straight away! 
We supply 2.5mm Square drills, 2.7mm round drills and 2.7mm Crystal Rhinestones.
💖  Glue/Adhesive: We use professional strong industrial strength Mounting Adhesive Film for our canvases. It has a clear thick protective film over the top!
Please note it is not poured glue or Double sided tape. This adhesive is one of the worlds strongest industrial adhering materials.It is known for being  used for attaching large indoor & outdoor signs to surfaces such as glass & walls and also used to adhere  parts to cars in assembly lines.  It is also water proof and can withstand high humidity & high ambient temperatures.  In addition it is used to help preserve museum artworks & family photographs, as it is acid free, meaning it will not yellow or "eat" away the canvas or deteriorate.
💖  Extra Drills/diamonds:  You are guaranteed to receive at least 20-30% more drills/diamonds for each project. Thats your reassurance that you'll always have enough.

💖  High Grade Canvas: You have the privilege to work with a high grade definition printed canvas with easy to read crystal clear symbols. The colors are vibrant and easy to work with. There is nothing worse than squinting to see what each symbol is - even with your glasses on!!

💖  Money Back Guarantee: We offer 100% money back satisfaction guarantee! No questions asked!

💖  Whoops! I dropped all my diamonds!  We offer our famous OMG Diamond Disaster Relief guarantee (you drop 'em and we will replace 'em for FREE)

"Diamond Painting is known to be one of the most effective crafts to help you relax and relieve stress and anxiety.  It's so easy to become addicted to this fun craft, so watch out!"

Why We are Different!

We can Custom Design any Diamond Painting for you!

We love all types of art here at Treasure Studios Art and because we are Digital Artists we can create almost anything for you including individual Custom Diamond Painting Art!

Whether it is a photo, drawing or illustration, We can turn it into a Diamond Painting. 
You can supply your own image or we can create it for you - just supply us with a brief and we will come back with a proof for your approval. 

What we can do for you and not limited to!

  • Digitally correct your images if they are too dark or light or the wrong color. (eg too much red tones)
  • Remove unwanted objects or people in a photo 
  • Change the color of the background
  • Add a different background
  • Remove blemishes on faces
  • Add text (recommended for large Diamond Paintings sizes only)
  • Enhance the brightness of Colors
  • Create montages of multiple images (merge two or more images into one)
  • Add extra accented motifs or illustrations to your image
  • Open a persons eyes if they have blinked in a photo (a photo of the same person with their eyes open needs to be supplied to achieve this)
  • Add any special effects to a plain image
  • We are open to any other suggestions you have.

Send us your image & Info by Live Chat Facebook Messenger or email us at support@treasurestudiosart.com 

 Click Here to Read more on Custom designs

Customs 1
Customs 2


The Facts about our Diamond Painting Kits!

  • Each kit's diamond shape is different depending on the image & what is suitable. (Square or Round)
  • The shape of the diamond/drill for this kit will be displayed in the selector above next to the sizes available
  • Some kits come with a choice of either Round or Square shaped diamonds/drills. If so, both options will be displayed in the selector above. Please choose the shape you prefer or the default shape of square will be applied automatically.

The Canvas Size & Pasting Area

  • Each Kit is a Full or Partial pasting area of Drills/Diamonds 
  • Please refer to size selector on the product pages for all sizes available. If the size you are looking for is not listed - please contact us and we can organise it for you!
  • If you are looking for a smaller size (eg 20x20cm) and it is not listed, this means that this particular image is not suitable for a small size. It contains a lot of detail and the effect will not be clear enough in a small size canvas.
Kit contents

Our Premium Diamond Painting Kits includes : 

  • Printed Canvas with the design, symbols & color codes
  • Our 100% Resin Diamonds come in Bags marked with the DMC number, painting number and weight of the drills (1gram = 200 diamonds)
  • 1 x Drill Pen with finger rest
  • Inventory Sheet
  • Plus a 3 drill placer, a 6 drill placer and a 9 drill placer head
  • 2 x Glue gum pads
  • 1 x Plastic drill sorting plate
  • 1 x PINK Tweezers

Please note: 
1. No frames are included & t
his is an unfinished DIY Diamond Painting Kit and you need to complete it and make it your own!

2. The Special Shaped partial Diamond painting kits offered may come with slightly different contents according to the kit chosen

3. Instructions are on each product page of this website if you get lost or on the side of the box of each Kit when you receive it.

Premium Drills Treasure Studios Art

    Our Diamonds/Drills are Premium Quality

    • The drills/diamonds are 100% Eco friendly Resin. They arrive in separate cello pouches individually numbered
    • Each DMC color comes with the correct amount of drills PLUS an extra 20% more diamonds of each color just in case you have an accident and drop some! We've all been there - I feel your pain!
    • Our Diamonds/Drills are machine counted or weighed for quantity and not hand counted which means less mistakes, but on the rare occasion if you have any missing diamonds/drills, we will send you out the missing ones ASAP free of charge. 
    • Our Diamonds/drills are premium in quality. You will find that our Diamonds are clean cut and have minimal flaws such as the common bubbles or holes, odd shapes, drills sticking together, bits of "rubbish" in the bags. If you encounter bad drills/diamonds please contact us ASAP and we will replace them for you.
    Premium Canvas Treasure Studios Art

    Premium Quality Canvas

    • We only supply High Quality Definition printed Canvas with a quality backing and quality printed service that actually reflect the light and has a sheen to the surface! 

    Crystal Clear Symbols & Extra Strong Adhesive

    • The symbols are crystal clear and easy to read with the symbol chart printed on the same canvas for easy viewing.
    • The colors are vibrant and easy to work with. There is nothing worse than squinting to see what each symbol is - even with your glasses on!!
    • The sticky glue on the canvas is a high industrial quality strength adhesive 
    • The strong clear film over the top protects the adhesive and is an indication of a high quality glue has been used! We use up to date technology and use adhesive that is acid free, which means the canvas will not yellow over time which causes the drills to fall off.
    • We guarantee that our canvases will not have popping diamonds! If you do we will replace it free of charge!

       Premium Canvas Treasure Studios Art



      We have been in business since 2001 and we stand by our products and pride ourselves in our customer service.

      If you are not happy with any product you receive from us we will work with you to find a solution that suits us all whether it's a refund, replacement product or a gift voucher, we will do our best to help you achieve a positive outcome! If one of our products are not up to scratch we want to hear from you so we can continue to keep the quality at a high & premium level!


      Our kits are double & triple checked before they leave the factory but sometimes there is human error at hand! 

      We supply you with an extra 30% diamond for each kit but If you are missing any amount of diamonds at anytime - please contact us by emailing support@treasurestudiosart.com  with your order number and name and we will send you the missing ones for free.


      Everyone has had one of those moments when you become speechless or you scream out obscenities because the unthinkable just happened!

      YEP! The cat ran across the table spilling all your diamonds & canvas onto the floor then the dog ran all over it spreading his fur over the exposed sticky parts of the canvas and mixed the diamonds up even more ! What A Disaster!!

      This is where Treasure Studios Art comes to the Rescue!
      You see this did actually happen to me! It was horrible!  So I feel your pain!!
      If this ever happens to you with a diamond painting we have supplied you - please feel free to contact us by email at support@treasurestudiosart.com with your order number, name and a photo of the disaster and we will kindly send you the replacement diamonds or a whole new kit if needed for Free to compensate you! 

      We want our customers to be happy and enjoy this amazing art so why not help out where we can! 


        We Only Believe in the Best Quality!

        Treasure Studios Art are passionate about Art & Design and only offer the best quality products.

        We actually use our own products not just sell them! And we wouldn't use products that don't live up to our standards and our standards are high!

        Happy Diamond Painting!

        If you have any questions about our Diamond Painting Kits please don't hesitate to contact us via Email on support@treasurestudiosart.com or message us on Messenger Live Chat!

        Rachel Treasure

        Treasure Studios Art!