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We a thrilled to add Australian Photographer, Vikki Benwell from Pzazz Photography to our Artist collection. Her wildlife & nature photography is stunning and we hope you enjoy her talent as Diamond Paintings! Vikki is also an avid Diamond painter herself and loves the craft!

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About the Artist ... Vikki Benwell - Pzazz Photography

I have always had a passion for animals and became interested in photography when I was young. Always taking photo's as a teenager, eagerly waiting for my films to be developed, hoping for that perfect photo. After completing high school, I went on to study Veterinary Nursing and became a veterinary nurse in 1998. I have enjoyed an amazing career in Veterinary nursing, working in general practice, Emergency and specialist centres. My love for photography never faded though and in 2010 I received my first digital camera, opening up a whole new world of photography. I was able to combined two loves, animals and photography.

My camera came everywhere with me (and still does), always looking at capturing those special moments. I especially enjoy wildlife, pet photography and landscapes. I have enjoyed success in competitions and exhibitions over the years. Also selling my photo's framed, on canvas, glass prints etc.

I am excited to now be sharing my photo's to produce beautiful diamond paintings.


Thanks for reading about this amazing Artist!!
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