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We are so delighted to have Debbie Clark as one of our licenced artist!  Please enjoy her beautiful & peaceful paintings and also take the time to read the explanation of each painting as they all have a meaning! 

Make sure you visit Debbie's YouTube channel to watch her amazing life Testimony . Debbie also writes touching poems and you can find these on Youtube also, presented with a slideshow of her paintings matching the poems! - here is a little taste!

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About the Artist...

My paintings are inspired by the beauty of God’s creation and Bible verses, stories, and prophecy. I became a Christian in December 2018 after a powerful encounter with Jesus.

My professional creative history consists of commercial illustration, painting murals, bespoke canvases for businesses and 3D character design. In January 2018, I gave up commercial work in favour of creating my own paintings using traditional methods with oil paints or acrylics on canvas.

Wildlife and landscapes were my preferred subject matters at that time but trying to unlock my creative voice was hampered by a lack of confidence. I was reluctant to leave my comfort zone and paint from the heart until my world changed by the decision to delve into the Word of God for the first time.

I am now driven by a need to share those inner changes, explore biblical themes and express the deeply spiritual nature of becoming a child of God. My paintings contrast darkness to light, enslavement to freedom, peace in a storm and lost to found. Despite all the turmoil and confusion in our current uncertain times, amazing freedom, peace and joy can be felt through the presence of the Holy Spirit and that is what I strive to communicate through my paintings.

I have exhibited in California, New York, Dallas and Paris with a gallery who’s focus is to bring the message of the gospel to communities through art.


Thanks for reading about this amazing Artist!!
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