Ruth West Art | Licensed Artist for Diamond Paintings


Ruth West
We are proud to include Ruth West as one of Treasure Studios Art Diamond painting Artist.
She is also an avid diamond painter herself, so knows the craft very well! 
She brings TSA another unique style of art for you to choose from!
Ruth is a retired Artist, but produces art when she can 
Facebook:  @ruth.l.west
Instagram @ruthlaurelwest


Ruth West -  Artist 

Ruth West is an artist living in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri USA. She has become established through the years in the mediums of acrylic, alcohol inks, resin art and textiles.

Ruth attended college, majoring in art, which has served as a great background for the type of art she works with now.

Ruth specializes in the art of flowers. I find the colors of flowers to be both uplifting and mesmerizing. Her work in painting flowers has won numerous awards, including Best of Show at the Cultural Centre in St.Louis.

Some of her work borders on imagination, incorporating some doodle Zentangles with inks and paints. “I just let my mind wander on paper or canvas until fantasy or realism is achieved. Sometimes it is hard to know when to stop.”

Ruth has shown horses, dogs and cats in her life and has done some portraits of her favorites. But still flowers is what she loves.

“The thing about art is that if you wake up in the morning with an idea for a painting, expressing that idea on paper or canvas is life at its best.”

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