5 Day Celebration Sale!

We are Celebrating our amazing new diamond painting kits! 

We launched our new kits back in April 2023 and now that many of you have tried and tested them and declared your LOVE for them, we want everyone to have the opportunity to try them! 

>> Over 5 days we will offer a different sale each day!

>> 5 days and 5 unique discount codes!

>> Each discount code will be valid for 24 hours ONLY and cannot be used with any other offer.

>> Don't wait for the next days sale as it may not be as good as the day before! 

Come and join the party! 

STARTS: 8th August at 9am CDT (USA) or 9th August 12am AEST (AUS)
ENDS: 13th August at 9am CDT (USA) or 14th August 12am AEST (AUS)

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See below for the current discount and the ones you may have missed out on!
Day 1 of 5: Code ONLY Valid for 24 hours and the discount EXPIRES at 9am CDT 9th AUG (12am 10th Aug AEST). 

Get 25% off all diamond paintings on Day 1 of 5 of the Celebration Sale! 🥳
Use Code: DAYONE at checkout to get a huge 25% off your entire diamond painting order. Orders must be over $50USD, excludes accessories and other non diamond painting products. Not valid with any other offer or reward bonus.

DAY 2 of 5: CODE COMING SOON - Watch this space! ...and it will  ONLY be Valid for 24 hours and the discount EXPIRES  at 9am CDT 10th AUG (12am 11th Aug AEST). 


Make sure you see below video of what changes we are celebrating!  We think they are awesome!