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Custom Diamond Painting orders will  be opening again at the end of January 2023! EXCITING!

Thanks for your patience!

xx Rachel Treasure - TSA Owner/Artist



Did you know that inside the happy walls of Treasure Studios Art contain art loving, creative minded, talented digital artists?

We love all types of Art and we are bursting to share our expertise & talents with you!

As digital artists, we can design any customized art for you including Diamond Painting, Paint by Number, Cushion Covers, Wall Decals & Wall Art Canvases and soon to come apparel, shoes, phone covers, blankets, rugs, beach towels, tapestry wall hangings  and heaps more!

What we can do for you and not limited to!

  • Digitally correct your images if they are too dark or light or the wrong color. (eg too much red tones)
  • Remove unwanted objects or people in a photo 
  • Change the color of the background
  • Add a different background
  • Remove blemishes on faces
  • Add text (recommended for large Diamond Paintings sizes only)
  • Enhance the brightness of Colors
  • Create montages of multiple images (merge two or more images into one)
  • Add extra accented motifs or illustrations to your image
  • Open a persons eyes if they have blinked in a photo (a photo of the same person with their eyes open needs to be supplied to achieve this)
  • Add any special effects to a plain image
  • We are open to any other suggestions you have.

So if you have a design in mind but don't know how to go about it - leave it the experts and we will create it for you!

We can do any size job from a simply enhancing your photo or artwork to creating a complex montage of photos or creating a painting out of a photo.

We can also do photo restorations, photo manipulations, basic cropping & montages.

For example: If you can't find a Diamond Painting design that you like, or you want something unique, just send us the details and we will design it for you with a proof before manufacture. 

This is the same for any of our items. Got an idea? - send it our way and we will make the magic happen! 

Every design will be made to order and there will be no minimum order quantity, so if you just want one item only thats fine!