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We are delighted to include Eric Proctor - AKA TsaoShin to our team of Artists here at Treasure Studios Art. Based in the USA, Eric is a DeviantArt Community Volunteer for Fan Art and Digital Art. His art style will bring our company some awesome and quirky fan art and creatures! He also has his own You Tube channel where you can learn to draw like him.


Quote taken from DeviantArt about Eric...
"An energetic artist who brings a spark of life to all of his creations, Eric Proctor (known by the community as TsaoShin) has spawned some of the most memorable works of art on DeviantART. His Grumpy Cat Disney mashups have been seen and shared far and wide across the internet, and his creative spirit and technical ability are matched only by his good-hearted nature. To many community members, Eric is one of the most friendly individuals to interact with. All of his Journals come with good cheer, gratitude, and positivity, and he takes time to interact and spread good cheer and knowledge into the community."


Please follow & support him on Social Media and You Tube:
Instagram: @TsaoShin
Twitter: @TsaoShin
YouTube: tsaoshin
Twitch: tsaoshin
tumblr: tsaoshin


About the Artist ... Eric Proctor AKA TsaoShinΒ 

When did you start drawing? How did you learn to draw?
I've been doodling since I was a kid but I didn't get serious about drawing until I was in college. I majored in Studio Art as a traditional painter but quickly jumped into digital painting platforms shortly after graduation. I try to carry over my traditional painting background into how I compose my digital paintings. This is why you'll see a lot of exposed brush strokes in my work.

Are you a professional artist? Where do you work?
I'm a conceptual illustrator for a research laboratory. The nature of our work is sensitive so I can't speak publicly about it. The drawings you see in my gallery are the illustrations that I do at home and for fun.

How long does it take you to make a drawing?
How long I spend on a drawing really depends on the complexity. For my larger more complicated drawings, it takes anywhere between 6-20 hours. Smaller and more sketchy drawings take around 1-4 hours. I also tend to rotate several works at once so I'm keeping fresh eyes on each of them. I find that if I'm focusing too long on a single piece, I begin to fatigue on it. When I cycle work, it keeps my interest up and I see my mistakes better if I come back to a drawing after I give it some time.

Q: Do you record or stream your art?
A: I'm actually a twitch partner and I run an art show on YouTube called Backseat Drawing!

My streams:

Backseat Drawing on YouTube:

You can also join my art community on Discord:

Q: What programs/tools do you use?
A: Adobe Photoshop CC and a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24.

Q: Can I buy prints, shirts, etc of your artwork?
A: Yes! You can either catch me at a few of the east coast conventions where I sell my work or head over to my online stores:

Redbubble Shop teepublic Shop


Thanks for reading about this amazing Artist!!
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