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What is a Treasure Studios Art affiliate?

An affiliate is a social media creator who believes in Treasure Studios Art (TSA) and their products. They are fair in their reviews of TSA’s products and offer a discount code for their audience. If a purchase is made on the back of their discount code in the TSA shop, or the customer is directed to the TSA website from the affiliates social media platform, and purchases within 14 days after clicking the link from the affiliates social media platform, a commission is paid to the affiliate.

What is a Tiered Affiliate Program (TAP)?

The TAP is designed to allow new affiliates to slowly ease into TSA’s family under our existing Top Tier Affiliates (TTA). They understand TSA more than anyone. Once approved to become an affiliate you are placed with a TTA where you are helped along the way. TTA’s are given an incentive to make sure you have the information you need to succeed.

What makes a Top Tier Affiliate (TTA) special?

Top Tier Affiliates are hand picked by Rachel at TSA for their loyalty, honesty and compassion. They have grown TSA to what it is today. They have a lot to offer a new affiliate. You cannot be an affiliate without being under a TTA.

What media platforms do you accept that an affiliate can use?

Almost any media platform that has an audience that connects with DIY art is accepted. We are always challenged with new options, let us know your thoughts?

How do I promote TSA on my social media platform?

In the affiliate portal there is artwork we have designed to help you promote TSA at a high standard across all platforms. This portal is constantly being updated and you will have new artwork to use as artwork and artists are released.

Do I need to have purchased TSA before being an affiliate?

In a nutshell YES, we believe very strongly that if you haven’t organically experienced the product, how can you promote it?

How do I get paid?

A commission of 10% is paid into your nominated PayPal account monthly for any purchases made by a customer in that month using your referral code.

When do I get paid?

Your commission is paid within 14 days of the end of the month.

Do I get free DIY artwork when I become an affiliate?

As an affiliate for TSA you are given the opportunity to earn your way up to receive FREE DIY artwork. To start with, you are expected to prove that as an affiliate you are really a part of the TSA family. In saying that you do receive a 10% commission for every TSA product you sell under your own referral code.

Do I get to see NEW artists and artwork before the general consumer?

On most occasions YES but at times you may not of received a message or email prior to launch if TTA’s have requested exclusive release access for a particular artist or artwork.

What am I not allowed to share as an affiliate?

Normal privacy statements cover confidentiality of the information provided to you by your TTA. Any pre launch of TSA information or releasing of commercial in confidence information will result in termination of your affiliation with TSA.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Your first form of contact should be your preferred TTA. They will give you a link to their signup page. If you are still contemplating being an affiliate, and not sure which TTA to choose, these questions can be sent to info@treasurestudiosart.com