Where is everything made?

Our diamond paintings are made to order in China and are not an off the shelf product like most Diamond Painting companies. This way we can offer you more designs and more sizes for you to choose from. Everything is made fresh to order, so you are not getting a dusty painting that may have been sitting there for for months!

At Treasure Studios Art we create our own art and also source directly from the best factories around the world, giving you the largest choice of art products to choose from.

If you have ordered multiple types of items such as 1 x diamond painting Kit & 1 x Paint by Number kit, you may not get these at the same time due to the fact they are produced & shipped from 2 different factories. 

When will my order be shipped?: 
For an updated delivery info in regards to COVID19  please click here

Most of our products are made to order and the processing time varies from 2- 8 working days from the date of your order. Once your order is Shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number & link so you can keep a track of your order.

Shipping Times
Delivery times will vary from country to country but please allow 12- 30 Working days for delivery. 
Here is a rough guide for you.
USA : 12 - 20 days
Canada : 16 - 26 Days
Australia : 13 - 20 Days
UK : 20 - 40 days
Russia : 14 - 23 days
Netherlands : 12 - 15 days

What if I don't receive my order? 

If you do not receive your order within 30 working days - please contact us ASAP and we will try our best to track it down for you.

How much is Shipping & where do you ship to?

We charge a flat rate fee of $9.50USD for an order - for no minimum or no maximum size order.
No order is too small or too large - we've got your back!

I am not sure if the quality will be up to my standard?

We choose suppliers that only specialise and excel in the items they produce to make sure you get the best products available to you.


If you are not satisfied with any of our products, we will refund it  and you can send the item back to us. We will send you a prepaid label so you can post it back free of charge.

Diamond Printing FAQ

Missing Diamonds

I don't have enough resin diamonds to finish my artwork? What do I do?

We always supply you with 30% more diamonds just in case, but sometimes not enough is supplied so we will send you more diamonds at not extra cost to you!

Just email us at support@treasurestudiosart.com the following info:

  1. What color(s) you need - see the strip on the side of your painting
  2. What shape diamond/Drill Either round or Square

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