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Lizzy Falcon Art


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Lizzy Falcon is an artist with a unique style and we are extremely proud to have her as part of our Licensed Artists collection.   Please read Lizzy's Bio below and learn about this amazing artist.

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Lizzy Falcon - American  Artist 

Captivating, fascinating, unique and soulful describes Lizzy Falcon's artwork. Lizzy's work has a whimsical, yet "emo-like" feeling. Thematic threads of her work are grey-toned with big eye as "Big-Eye-Art" and the Lowbrow Art Movement have had a major impact on her, and she (usually) only exposes one eye: the left eye, as that is the eye that represents true emotion.  Lizzy uses grey tones for her characters to avoid assigning them race or ethnicity, as all humans should be permitted to relate to them, but they end up with a slight creepy look, and thats okay. 

Lizzy does not try to capture absolute realism in her works, preferring the fantastic & whimsical. Margaret Keane and Walt Disney have been her two biggest artists influences.  As a child, Keane's Artwork adorned Lizzy's walls and inspired her to be an artist later in her life. Lizzy is a self taught artists and mainly works with acrylics on canvas.

Lizzy has had the honor to show alongside some very talented artist from all around the world.  In addition, buyers from all corners of the world have purchased Lizzy's paintings and sculptures. Whether Lizzy is painting, sculpting or creating animated shorts of her characters, she os always creating something new.

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