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racchel Froud



Rachel Froud is an artist with a captivating colorful style and we are super happy  to have her as part of our Licensed Artists collection.   
Please read Rachel's Bio below and learn more about this amazing artist.

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Website/store https://rachelfroud.com/
Instagram: @rachel.froud


Rachel Froud - UK  Artist 

Hi, I’m Rachel! I am a self-taught artist from Hertfordshire, England. My passion is creating colourful art that will brighten up people’s homes and make them smile. I spend most of my time at home painting with my little rescue dog Coco, she loves to sit and snuggle up next to me while I paint.

Animals play a major role in my artwork and inspiration. I have always felt a strong connection to animals, I am completely fascinated with each and every one of them. Even when I was a child every time I picked up a paintbrush I would always find myself painting them, I’ve never wanted to paint anything else! All animals have their own individual personalities, and I want to portray this when I paint them. I love to create big, striking images where the animal can really take centre stage. Animals make beautiful subjects, but this isn’t the only reason I paint them; I also want to use my art to help them, which is why I give 10% of profits from my print sales to animal charities.

I love to play with light, colour and movement to create a one of a kind piece. I really enjoy experimenting with different techniques, and I often use a mix of paint brushes, palette knives and even my hands to create a piece of art. Being able to turn my imagination into a reality by putting paint onto canvas is the main reason I love art so much. The lack of rules creates a sense of freedom that keeps me excited every single day. Every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to bed I think about what I will create next.

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