S.L. Turner Art | Licensed Artist for Diamond Paintings


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We are proud to include S. L. Turner as one of Treasure Studios Art Diamond painting Artist. He and his wife Jessica are also avid diamond painters and also have their own YouTube channel!
He brings TSA a style of art that captures the awe of God’s Creations, but also the deep Spiritual aspect of it, sometimes entwining the art of surrealism.

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Facebook:  @ S.L.TurnerArtCreations
Instagram: @sj_creations40
YouTube:  S&J Creations


S.L. Turner -  Artist 

I’m an American visual artist that lives near Chattanooga, TN. I have lived in this area my whole life. I enjoy creating pieces that convey to the viewer a message that what we perceive in this world has a deeper spiritual meaning, and that it also speaks of the presence of the Eternal Godhead. We are in essence fulfilling our creative nature due to being made after the likeness of Him, and through our art we mimic the work of His hands just as children do with their parents.

I enjoy writing as well, yet I haven’t published anything in all my years, but one day soon I hope to get some of that content out there for the public to enjoy. I appreciate realism, and have tremendous fun viewing and creating pop art and/or surrealism.

I have been a freelance artist for over twenty years, but remained largely offline during most of those years. Just recently I decided to branch out into new directions so that many people may be able to enjoy my artwork and be inspired to create as well.

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