We have New Round Drills and they Are Beautiful!


💖  Our Round Drills have changed for the better!!  💖  

As you may (or may not) know TSA are well known for the smaller 2.5mm round drills that we use as they give more detail to a round drill diamond paintings than the regular larger rounds because they are the same size as the regular square drills.

However, there is only ONE factory in China that was supplying these smaller drills and they recently began to struggle with the rising cost of materials and were also unable to fix the annoying issue of the drills clumping heavily together. I was replacing many sets of drills due to this issue and the factory could not resolve the issue, so they decided to cease manufacturing those drills altogether. So we have had to change to regular size 2.7mm round drills due to this reason.
These new drills are very high quality, are rich in color and have many facets giving them extra sparkle.  

The decision was made earlier than expected by my factory to change over to 2.7mm drills before the other drill factory ceased producing the 2.5mm due to increased clumping issues with the smaller round drills. The issue had to be fixed ASAP and the only way was to change to the new sized drills as soon as possible.

Even though I know you all love the smaller round drills as I do, this was an unavoidable situation. However, we need to look on the sparkle side of life and check out the advantages of this change to 2.7mm for all of us.
  1. The colours in the 2.7mm are richer and more vibrant than the 2.5mm rounds. I have compared many colors and the old 2.5mm colors actually look quite dull compared to the new 2.7mm ones! See photos below of a sample of DMC 333!
  2. If you need replacement drills or are missing drills I can get them to you much faster now as the 2.7mm drills are available more readily and can be shipped faster. The smaller rounds had to be shipped from China and took much longer which was an inconvenience to you.
  3. You can now easily add sparklers or AB round drills to your paintings if you desire, as the size will now match regular round and crystal rounds. 
  4. We will also endeavour to have some special drills available in the shop for you to purchase as an extra with paintings in the very near future. 

Any questions you may have are answered below....

When did the transition happen from 2.5mm to 2.7mm round drills?

Customers who purchased a round drill diamond painting with order numbers starting from TSA4315 and ordered on or after 21st March 2021 would have received the new 2.7mm round drills
To simplify it....
  • All orders purchased BEFORE the 21st March 2021 contain the small 2.5mm round drills and the correct canvas to match
  • All orders purchased AFTER 21st April should now have been supplied the new 2.7mm drills and correct canvas to match the new drills

Will the 2.7mm round Diamond painting canvas render different to the 2.5mm round drills?

Yes they will, but only slightly. The render that had been approved for the 2.5mm drill has only been adjusted very slightly to suit the 2.7mm drills. The detail will of course not be as good as the square drills but this is a known fact for regular rounds in the diamond painting industry.

I thought the “regular” round drill size was 2.8mm not 2.7mm?

Regular rounds can vary between 2.7mm & 2.8mm as the drill is never made “perfect” but our rounds are more often closer to the size 2.7mm than 2.8mm

Will TSA paintings still be available as both round and square?

Yes they will be, and also some will be still available as a crystal rhinestone as per normal. The only thing that is changing is the size of the drill! 

If I still have 2.5mm round drill diamond paintings in my stash that I have not started yet, will there still be spare 2.5mm diamonds available if I need them in the future?

Yes! we still have stock available for these situations. We kept a lot of stock on hand for future problems that may arise. However, you can not request to have your painting made using 2.5mm instead of 2.7mm rounds as we need to keep the excess stock for past orders.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Rachel Treasure